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Procedural Splat Generator

January 22, 2016


Project Description:

This is a generator that makes procedural splat patterns.

I used the splats for a 2D fighting game called Graffit Splat.

The generator can generate 9999 different splat textures in Unity without adjusting any settings.

Settings that can be adjusted are: color, size, orientation and the random seed.


Overview Node Tree

Splat Generator Node Tree

The full node tree consist of only 21 nodes. This makes this generator/substance very fast and also gives you enough options to vary the final output a lot. The tree has two main shapes, round shapes and long shapes.


The long shapes are made by the starburst node, which generate a random amount of branches between 25-100 depending on the random seed. After the starburst node the long strains are warped by a waves pattern, this disrupts the straight lines and adds more variation.


The round shapes are two simple shapes, a paraboloid for smooth circles and a disc with the purpose of adding hard shapes. The two circulair shapes are multiplied in the fx-map node and receive a random size, offset and rotation. After the fx-map the result is blended with the long shapes.



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