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Mosaic Battle Arena

December 22, 2015

Mosaic Battle Arena - Lera

This is character concept art for a game called Mosaic Battle Arena or MBA in short.

The game is about a group of warriors that want to rule a kingdom.

But only the strongest warrior can rule, so they have to battle in an arena.

It’s a free for all battle between the five greatest warriors of the land, each of them have special abilities and skills.




This Warrior is called Lera.

Class Name: Fulmination Tank
Ability: Splintering Shock waves
Passive: Crystal Armor
Weakness: Fast Attacks


This Warrior is called Blisser.

Class name: Slicer
Ability: Dashing Slices
Passive: Slicing Brother
Weakness: Armor Breaking Skills


This Warrior is called Frycer.

Class Name: Fast Fire Warrior
Ability: Fervent Swipes
Passive: Fiery Soul
Weakness: Ranged Attacks


This Warrior is called Chretion.

Class Name: Execution Trapper
Ability: Trapped Chop
Passive: Trapping Rage
Weakness: Heavy Attacks


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