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Custom Dota 2 HUD

January 22, 2016

Custom Dota 2 HUD

Project Description

This is a custom HUD I made for the game Dota 2.

I choose for an Inca jungle temple theme, because it fits with the style of the game and wasn’t been done before.

I learned a lot about the importance of correct values to attract more focus.

Some of the icons are from the original HUD and you aren’t allowed to change or move them.

The original Dota 2 HUD


My custom HUD

Inca-HUD-No-IconsNo iconsDotA 2 Inca HUDWith orginal icons

Inca-HUD-Close-Up-Left Close-up LeftInca-HUD-Close-Up-RightClose-up Right


Close-up Top


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