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Project Description

Graffit Splat is a 2D fighting game in which you battle your opponent to hit as much paint as you can out of them. The player who has spilled the most paint of his opponent after sixty seconds has won the game.

Graffit Splat Main MenuGraffit Splat In-Game 2Graffit Splat Winner






This project was created in eight weeks with a team of three.

Ab Wienk: Concept & 2D Artist
Quint Vrolijk: 2D/3D & Tech Artist
Aurelia Philips: Developer

The collaboration between us three was a bit different then usual, because Ab and I are in the third year and Aurelia in the second year, meaning we didn’t actually have any classes together. To make up for this we maintained an Agile workflow and meeting each week for testing and setting up new goals to keep the progress going.

To work even closer with the developer we had set up our project on Gitlab, allowing us to constantly update the project and speed up the workflow. The main reason for using Gitlab was that merging projects each week absorbs a huge amount of time.

The video above is a short ‘kickstarter’ trailer about the game, this was to get some knowledge about how to setup a kickstarter campagne and determine all the costs of developing and releasing our game. It isn’t a real kickstarter therefore we can’t promise any gold plated controllers, yet.

Ab Wienk

Quint VrolijkAurelia Philips
















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