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Games – Dream of Trød

logo trod

This was the first game I worked on.

Dream of Trød was a school assignment where we needed to make an adventure game in Gamemaker.

The game was made by only two artists, me and Ab Wienk.

The game was based on The Binding of Isaac and we gave it our own twist.

I did the ‘programming’ and interface.

Ab made the concept art and the in-game art.

  • Menu
  • Spawn
  • In-game 1
    In-game 1
  • In-game 2
    In-game 2
  • Boss Level
    Boss Level


Character Concept Art.


Bosses Concept Art.

Enemy Animatie spritesheet

Enemy Animation Spritesheet.

Trod Animatie spritesheet

Character Animation Spritesheet.